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Become A Sponsor

Founded in 2016, Win Athletics is already growing into a legacy of athletes who compete, train, live, eat and breathe cheer! As you will see, we have a wonderful, committed group of young ladies that work hard in both school and athletics. In preparation for the upcoming season, the Jewels dedicate most of their year to the success of the team and the program, but Jewels Elite could not exist without your help. We are asking you as a business owner, friend, neighbor, or family member to help support our program.

Individual & Business Sponsorship Program

The sport of competitive cheer and dance is more than what meets the eye. Behind the scenes, it is a second family and home to our athletes that teaches them not only physical fitness, but integrity, love, respect, self-esteem, discipline, teamwork and goal setting. With that, the ever growing sport of competitive cheer and dance also comes with expenses per season that can be costly. Although we offer fundraising opportunities, sometimes our families can come up short. 


Sponsorships from people like YOU help to support our team with crucial funding needed to sustain our cheer program.  It is a great opportunity and way to support a local team in your community. All funds raised will go towards the Jewels Elite team to provide scholarships and cover individual expenses associated with the program such as uniforms, competition fees, travel fees, equipment, supplies, camps and training clinics for the entire season. In exchange for your generosity, you will also become a big part of our program with options for your name or business logo to be featured on team apparel, social media accounts, the website and marketing materials making it a win/win.

We would very much appreciate your support of these athletes with a sponsorship commitment. Your donation will go far towards helping these athletes continue their success in the upcoming season! The Jewels Elite are grateful for any support you can provide, no matter the size. We look forward to hearing from you and greatly appreciate your support of your community and the Jewels Elite Team!

Benefits of Sponsorships

  • Great way to support the community with 100% promotion and recognition.

  • Featured on team apparel, social media accounts, the website and marketing materials. 

  • Opportunity to advertise your business as our teams host performances and frequent many competition events that traffic an immense variety of clientele.

For additional information please contact Danyele at (404) 484-8537 today! 

Thank you for supporting the Win Athletics Jewels Elite cheer program!

  • Reach thousands of Jewels Elite fans, residents near and far, parents, friends and neighbors.

For more information about how your sponsorship can make a difference call today! Email our office for inquiries, questions or submissions.

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